We started our business because we are passionate about supplying high end graphics cards to clients at decent prices. Our product range is very limited at this stage  we are just starting up now . We import cards from the USA to supply the best prices to our clients. Please note only graphics the graphics cards we sell are imported ,the other stock listed  are local stock with local warranty.We handle the RMA request on your behalf, so you do not have to worry about replacing the card yourself. The RMA of a product bought overseas was always a issue and that's why people prefer to buy locally , we secured a courier's at a decent price so that we can offer to RMA products on the clients behalf and still make a profit. Your product will still be send to the overseas manufacture , but we cover the costs and keep the client updated with the progress. 

 We buy and sell only the best quality brands.

We have decided to supply graphics cards for now, due to importing other items is not worth it at this stage . We will consider other products in the near future!